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starting where you are

25 Dec

here it is christmas eve. in minneapolis. and i am surrounded by love. and light. and happiness and snow. i could ask for more but i should not. there is always a risk in asking for more. a concern about sacrificing all that you have. and there is no denying that what i have is fantastic. a five year old son who is the light of my life. kind. considerate. always pushing me to be a better person. i wonder who i was before he was born. my fantastic partner. twelve years together. my entire adult life. my opposite. my constant. my heart. my dog. lazy and sweet. the cat. loyal and amusing. this is my home. where i am right now. whenever i am unsatisfied with my job. or a run. or some other petty aspect of my existence. this is what it all comes back to. the most important people. my home. i can only wish others can say they have the same. so as we head into a new year and look to for new opportunities – i am starting where i am. and going forward. merry christmas.