26 Feb

today i listened to instrumental swing music on hold with the RE’s office from the cafeteria at work. something about it just seemed off. i had called to ask about assisted hatching. the woman i spoke with said it “sounded familiar” but wanted to check on something. she returned to explain that apparently the procedure is not something “typically performed” but only in certain instances with some diagnoses after PGD. i was close to just complacently saying “sure okay right” but i stopped myself and asked “what is PGD?” i dwell in acronym soup at work. and infertility is filled with it (as are most things) but i think i should probably understand these things as i fork over tens of thousands of dollars. she hesitated. then said “genetic [stumble] testing [stumble] diagnosis…something like that…genetic testing that is done sometimes – did you have another question?” (it’s preimplantation genetic diagnosis – thank you w.ikipedia) she was very nice and i explained that i didn’t have additional questions – i was just wondering about cost since i was piling up the thousands of dollars on the table to fork over to them shortly. she chuckled and asked if i wanted to have my RE call me back. i declined since i will be there monday to depart with thousands invest in our possibilities. and meet with the nurse for my stack of prescriptions and other protocol instructions.

i feel like i have a million questions and i will forget them all. and that none of them really matter. i am varying between super optimistic and ridiculously cautious. i am trying to binge all pangs of negativity. tonight i wrote out the checks with build-a-baby in the subject line – just want to make sure we are all on board here. then i made pancakes for dinner for me and hook. and drank a vodka tonic.


One Response to “stacks”

  1. lis 6 FriUTC2010-02-26T10:45:36+00:00UTC02bUTCFri, 26 Feb 2010 10:45:36 +0000 2009 at 10:45 AM #

    i love the whole build-a-baby thing in the subject line…that made me smile :o)
    you should know what you are paying for! and they should have people qualified enough to give you the answers there…she should have had you hang on for a second and gotten someone to answer that and any other questions you might have had.
    my REs office does assisted hatching on every embryo pretty much. and after an IVF there are still some things that i’m not sure of so don’t feel bad.
    wishing you the best of luck!

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