the first (counterintuitive) step

2 Mar

i am about to ingest a birth control pill. to help me get pregnant. seemingly the first step of total body takeover. i’m all for it really. but it does still feel weird i must admit…

m and i met with a nurse this morning at the RE’s office. a bit of a “kick-off” if you will to this round. last night i looked over all the paperwork and the consents for the three hundred and twelfth time (give or take…) then i wrote down the few things i had questions about: when to stop taking t.opamax for migraines,  assisted hatching, when to start on bcp, day 3 vs day 5 transfers, and running. i took this list, the consents, and the requisite build-a-baby checks and paper clipped it all together and put it in my bag so as not to forget anything. this morning i prepped hook for school/daycare and myself for work. m readied herself for work and a very significant interview. i headed out to drop off the boy and left m with directions on how to get to the RE’s office. she arrived after getting delayed in traffic and a bit lost but since it is a doctors office and punctuality is never really their strong suit – no harm, no foul. we were escorted back to a room. i was weighed. and then came the paperwork. we consented. and initialed. and signed here. and dated there. it was a bit akin to mortgage paperwork only i had actually read all of these documents beforehand. with that out of the way the nurse produced “a gift” – 25 vials of b.ravelle. a sample. she went on to explain how to mix 4 vials together with the water and that i should expect a rather unpleasant burning sensation and pain upon injection. um okay. still i am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. i will deal with the stinging and burning for a few days to save a thousand dollars. she also suggested not injecting the p.rogesterone at night – at least if i plan to walk normally in the morning. the nurse explained the remainder of the medications and the logistics of the procedures and when to come in for my morning violations (internal u/s), blood work, etc. then after filling out a nice little chart with dates and medication amounts and the like the nurse said “huh, looks like we need to add m.enopur too. i’ll be right back.” so we threw that one in the mix too just for fun. my RX sheet now has nine medications on it and requests a “sharps container” – that can’t be good… luckily i don’t mind being a pin cushion. once the nurse left, the finance lady came to collect the checks and that concluded today’s visit.

now it’s time to take a bcp and get this party started. or stopped. or something 🙂


One Response to “the first (counterintuitive) step”

  1. lis 6 Wed-05:002010-03-03T08:56:38-05:00-05:0003b-05:00Wed, 03 Mar 2010 08:56:38 -0500 2009 at 8:56 AM #

    thank you and the best of luck to you!!!!

    so exciting…and IVF is not as bad as people make it out to be. stay positive and know that in your own special way, you are making your babies


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