bits and pieces

21 Mar

in the morning i start phase 2. lupron. if that really can be considered a phase. from what i gather lupron is supposed to put everything on hold. reassuring…perhaps. i’m not sure anymore. everything seems so unsteady. i feel like i am walking on unstable ground. hormones. circumstances. perhaps both. talked to the doctors office again this week. twice actually. first to the ivf finance lady. she gets a gold star in my book. she was kind. and understanding. sent copies of the paperwork and cancelled checks. asked if i needed anything right now. on wednesday i noticed that the appointments in my resent ivf protocol were different than my work calendar where i had entered them prior to the whole smash and grab from my vehicle. so i called. and confirmed that my calendar was right. and the bitchy curt nurse was wrong and asked to speak to the nurses. again. i’m sure by now they hate me. i’m also sure by now i don’t actually care. so this time someone actually answered. i explained the whole theft thing. and the appointment thing. asked about ending bcp. she explained clearly. win for her! then i inquired about clarifying meds and such. she again mentioned wrong meds. and started extolling upon the idea that meds are interchangeable and such. and while i can generally adhere to this idea right now i am not buying it because well i am in the midst of it. so i explained that there are THOUSANDS of dollars of others hormones sitting in my house right now waiting to be injected into my abdomen and they don’t like being neglected in all of this needless chatter. there was some more blah, blah, blah. then i cried. i was mad that i did. but really i wasn’t surprised. i am there right now. on the edge. for whatever reason. so i asked for a copy of my RX’s as well. and she said well you have them already don’t you. and i said yes but the prescription itself was taken so i want a copy. she stopped talking. after she asked how to spell my last name. i am beginning to wonder if i am calling the right doctor’s office…i suppose right now i have more faith in the medications than i do in the medical professionals. but i still like my actual RE. so that’s a bonus.


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  1. lis 6 SunUTC2010-03-21T21:59:58+00:00UTC03bUTCSun, 21 Mar 2010 21:59:58 +0000 2009 at 9:59 PM #

    i felt the same way when i used to go to my old RE and every time he would try to check my right ovary and i would have to say “i don’t have a right ovary, remember???”
    ugh, it drove me mad. i am so glad you are putting your foot down with that c*nty bitch. and even more glad you aren’t feeling bad about it.
    i hope you fare well on the lupron. i was never on lupron for an IVF protocol, but i did take it for 6 months once to ‘treat’ my endo. i remember feeling oh so hot and oh so dry. all the time.
    you are on the edge and that is understandable. this is such an emotional time that it is hard to believe when others talk about it without batting an eye. i understand how you feel, and im sending you a lil comfort today. i hope it helps.

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