where it’s at

8 Apr

day 6 of stims. for the most part things are going swimmingly. i don’t mind needles. never have. the whole mixing the injections thing took a little getting used to and i only occasionally panic thinking i am going to give myself an embolism when i see a bubble in the syringe now. thinking about all the strung out heroin addicts who manage to inject drugs without killing themselves gives me hope. that sounds wrong but at least with regard to the injection thing it works for me.

bloodwork on monday yielded an increase in my menopur dosage. and today brought another “morning violation”. all looks good with the follicles. they are growing. not an excessive number but considering my FSH that was never anticipated. and the nurse seemed confident a few stragglers would catch up in the next few days. more bloodwork and apparently things are on the up and up so i don’t have to increase anything. back on friday for more fun. it’s all getting close but it still seems surreal in so many ways. i still feel oddly calm about everything. perhaps this is because of the running. and my general state of mind. i ran this weekend. a 10K for the running opener. i had hedged a bit on registering since i didn’t know how i would be reacting to the meds but then i figured who cares – just go for it. so i did. managed to beat my previous time by almost 8 minutes. sometimes things just work out. then hook ran a 1K. he rocked it. and then ran around some more for an easter egg hunt. last night i managed to squeeze in just over 5 miles. and tonight another 6+. no running after tomorrow. of course this makes sense but gah, it will be hard. so i stopped and bought 3 new books tonight. and some logic puzzles. in case it wasn’t clear – my life is riveting.


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