rest. repeat.

20 Apr

yesterday morning i took my valium and started taking on water like the titanic. arrived at the RE’s office and headed back to the procedure area. the nurses on the procedure side are incredible. very sweet and you can tell they really want everything to work out for you. she explained that my uterus at this stage was sort of like two pieces of peanut butter toast stuck together. odd but helpful way to explain that nothing is going to just fall out. the doctor doing the actual transfer was great. explained everything clearly and even gave us a picture of the two best embryos. out of six – 3 were blastocysts and 3 were morulas at varying stages. we looked at the clinics success rates and opted to transfer two (not that we ever really considered transferring fewer – if it were up to m we would have transferred all 6!) also confirmed our decision to freeze the remaining 4 (with the hope they will not be needed). once in the procedure room they verified i was storing water like a camel. and thank goodness i was since if not they fill it with a catheter. no thank you! transfer was relatively easy. the tech even gave us pictures of the placement of the embryos. i rested up for 10 minutes, moved to the recovery room and rested for another 30 minutes before scheduling my pregnancy test and heading home. all in all not a bad way to spend a monday morning.

since then i have just been lounging. RE required rest in a reclining position for 48 hours. will it help? no idea. but i’m willing to listen and indulge some laziness for a bit. yesterday consisted of a nice nap, some reading, a little mindless television viewing, and then a family viewing of the fantastic mr. fox while enjoying some vegetarian thai curry.

but now it is tuesday and i am wondering if i should feel any different (i don’t). i am thinking i should do some laundry. vacuum something. take the dog for a walk. take a shower. all not allowed. i called in to work this morning for a meeting. and now i am just biding my time. i don’t sit still well. and tv, well in case you don’t know – weekday daytime television is comprised of baby shows. having them. bringing them home. adopting them. having more of them. it’s a barrage of nonstop babyness. with a few other things thrown in for balance. ellen. and the price is right. and gilmore girls. but mostly baby shows. of course no one is forcing me to watch them but its kind of like some sort of accident i can’t get away from. and then the octomom is on oprah today too. gee what a bonus. not that i ever ever watch oprah because she is annoying its just not my thing but still i am repulsed, annoyed and intrigued at the same time…

perhaps i need more distractions so i don’t just sit here wondering whether the embryos have burrowed in for the long haul…


One Response to “rest. repeat.”

  1. lis 6 TueUTC2010-04-20T23:42:20+00:00UTC04bUTCTue, 20 Apr 2010 23:42:20 +0000 2009 at 11:42 PM #

    oh yay im glad everything went well and the transfer was uneventful, i don’t blame you for making sureyou drank enough water i have never heard of them filling with a cath! eeew!
    and yes, rest rest rest, even though im sure you would rather run 6 miles. :o)
    i didn’t feel much the day after transfer except i woke up with a killer headache. still not sure if that was related at all. just take it easy and keep positive! xoxo

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