reconfirmed. twice.

2 May

thursday morning still basking in the fantastic news i opted to take a hpt. to see for myself. since hearing something and seeing it are not one in the same. and in a way i wanted to bridge the gap between blood tests. a second blue line appeared quickly and i took a picture and sent it off to m who was traveling for work. then i commenced the rest of my day. thursday went by quickly with a smattering of meetings and pressing requests. one of the only two people who i actually personally shared the promising news sent me an email that said “so does it feel real yet?” and the truth is it doesn’t. i have never been on the positive side of the equation. there hasn’t been an other opportunities for me to really feel pregnant. and honestly at this point the only “symptoms” i have thus far are a need to pee all the time (which is somewhat amusing considering i have possibly the worlds smallest bladder) and my boobs hurt. there have been intermittent waves of nausea but nothing too bad. i’m not craving anything. i am tired but really no more than usual. i feel bloated but i have the entire time i was on bcp, stims, and progesterone. so to answer the question – no it doesn’t feel real yet.

friday i went in for blood draw #2. call came mid-meeting and also while i was mid-sentence. but i quickly excused myself and heard the reassuring news. 673 at 12dp5dt. (or is it 11 – do you count the day of transfer?) yup still bfp. and my estadiol was over 1000 so no more patches. yes keep jabbing yourself with progesterone injections though. i asked the nurse if i could ask her a few questions. she agreed so i took out the post-it note in my pocket (can’t forget these things, right?!). 1) is it okay to resume running or other aerobic exercise? that’s a negative. big bummer but if it helps i’m all for it. 2) it was previously mentioned not to drink or eat caffeine, can i eat chocolate? yes but in moderation. sidenote – this was the same thing they said about decaf coffee. i guess no keg of decaf and 5 pound Ghiradelli square for me. 3) is cramping normal? yes it is but try to take it easy and drink a lot of water. if you you are doing things that make you have more cramps then try to stop and rest. wonder if i can tell work i need a rest. then scheduled my first ultrasound for forever away 5/14. took a deep breath. texted m the new hcg number and walked back into my meeting and hopped right back into the riveting conversation.

so there it is. three confirmations. 2 by blood. 1 by urine. (i think i read that book…). yet i still have a tough time saying i’m pregnant. perhaps it is just the word. other people get pregnant. i was never one of them. and now joyfully, amazingly i am. once i start physically feeling more. and definitely once i see the u/s then i am sure i will be able to actually attribute the label to myself more readily. not that i will be voicing the words above a whisper to many for many weeks to come but still… for now i am dwelling in a bit of a lingering shock. eagerly looking forward to what each new day will bring.


3 Responses to “reconfirmed. twice.”

  1. Defining Family 6 MonUTC2010-05-03T20:26:04+00:00UTC05bUTCMon, 03 May 2010 20:26:04 +0000 2009 at 8:26 PM #

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m excited to get caught up on and to start following along your journey. Congratulations on the BFP, how incredibly exciting! . *** Did I catch you are from MN? If so it’s wonderful to continue finding locals.

  2. lis 6 MonUTC2010-05-03T21:21:13+00:00UTC05bUTCMon, 03 May 2010 21:21:13 +0000 2009 at 9:21 PM #

    sorry i am late, but let me add in a WOO HOO! re-confirmation is never a bad thing…thinking of you.


  3. lis 6 TueUTC2010-05-04T00:34:50+00:00UTC05bUTCTue, 04 May 2010 00:34:50 +0000 2009 at 12:34 AM #

    i have a question for you…did you cut caffeine out completely throughout the stim phase of your IVF? i did last time, but with my new and early work schedule + commuting to and from clinic, im just not sure if i can cut it all the way out.

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