25 May

the past week or so has been quite busy. and i have been struggling to stay upright – between my incessant need to sleep and my overwhelming urge to vomit it has been interesting. i have spend the past 5 days with two of m’s closest friends from college and their twin 2-year old sons. absolutely amazing family. fantastic kids. lots of fun.  i have a new love of my life – and yes he is 2. we figured out that hook is in for a huge shock when our babies arrive but i think he will be able to soldier through it. no mistake – he was very good – but he is used to all of the attention being on him…and well it wasn’t and it will not be.

returned to my regular ob last week. he was amusing. very excited and we talked for nearly 45 minutes. as we talked he made a list of supplements and vitamins for me to take (complete with costco prices) and a book he suggests. officially got the word that there will be no running allowed during pregnancy. but he assured me that even if i have a c-section i can be up and running 3 weeks later. ha! really that is not likely to be the first thing on my mind at that point in time. but good to know all the same.

also learned that b and b are expecting as well! i am extremely excited for them. they have had a tough go of things with two m/c in the past year or so. hoping and wishing that all works out this time! also hoping that k and z get the positive they have been seeking as well.

i am still paranoid all the time. paranoid when i am not extremely nauseous. paranoid when i am vomiting. paranoid when i feel crampy. won’t get another chance to look at the precious little ones for another two and a half weeks…until then i am just trying to appreciate everyday that i am pregnant.


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  1. Kate 6 TueUTC2010-05-25T11:26:30+00:00UTC05bUTCTue, 25 May 2010 11:26:30 +0000 2009 at 11:26 AM #

    K&Z struck out this month, but it’s ok because K is deliriously happy for you. (Z is terrified of the word “twins” and is afraid it could be contagious.)

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