spilling some of the beans

23 Jun

for the past work or so i haven’t really had much to say. and that is actually a good thing. things are progressing. not much has changed. i am exhausted. i am nauseous. i added in some migraines so as not to get too boring but then turned down the narcotics (category c) offered by the doctor to deal with them. i appreciate his efforts to help but aren’t people supposed to STOP using drugs when they are pregnant. the way i look at it i can do anything for another 6 months to keep the figs safe.  i’m running out of clothes to wear. i’m starting to look like there might be a human or two growing in there. as hook (who still doesn’t know) said last night “your stomach is starting to look a bit puffy. maybe there are babies in there already”. this was after he asked m if she was bringing home junk food so i could get bigger to fit some babies. and some days i really do wonder where they are going to fit. but people much smaller than i have had twins so i’m sure it all works out somehow…

this past weekend while m was off in chicago with some friends to run the w.arrior d.ash we entertained b and b for a bit. they are 13 weeks pregnant. after 2 m/c’s it was so amazing to see everything working out so well this time around. and it’s also fun that our babies should be born within weeks of one another. the boy and i also took in t.oy sto.ry 3.

this morning m and i headed off to the perinatologist. not because anything is wrong but since i am “high-risk” by virtue of carrying 2 my doctor suggested it and he is a pretty honest guy so i generally do what he says. anyhow we met with the genetic counselor. a lovely woman. she explained the screening (nuchal fold measurement and blood work) then asked some questions about family history and explained the plethora of other screenings available. we declined everything except this one. it’s non-invasive. and it is another chance to get a good look at our little loves. the u/s was great. again both are measuring on target – though we may have an either a) overachiever or b) hungry little one since one is measuring 12w3d and the other is measuring 11w6d (this is where we actually are). both had great heartbeats and again they were wiggling around. b flipped completely over and needed a little prodding to get measurements taken. a kept throwing a hand up to its forehead in seeming exasperation. all told we were able to look at the two of them for about 30 minutes. and then some simple bloodwork. after the appointment we decided perhaps it was time to tell our families. i texted my mom asking if she could come to visit the week after xmas (she is off) and a few minutes later she responded with “i can try. why are you asking now?” so i sent her an u/s pic with both babies. she immediately called sobbing. after speaking with her for a bit i called my dad and told him. he was low-key but i think excited. once back at work i emailed my sister (who it should be noted is unable to ever keep anything a secret) who also cried. and i texted my brother. m was calling and texting her siblings as well. as for everyone else i think we will still wait a bit. and of course we need to tell hook. i think that is in the cards for next week…though honestly he already seems to know. it feels a little strange to actually utter the words to other people but we are slowly tipping the bean jar until they all spill out.


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