too. much. information.

26 Jun

after an above average annoying week at work. and some serious vomiting i decided to take today off from work. because i could. and i wanted to. i had a few things i had to attend to so after the nausea had dissipated and i was able to stay upright for more than 20 minutes i dropped hook off at daycare fashionably late. then i headed to ta.rget. looked through the maternity selection. because i am seriously running out of pants to wear and shirts that don’t bust (literally) at the seams. i located a few acceptable items but unless i either go back in time and become a pre-pregnancy size zero or double in size there was nothing that would fit. apparently 4 and 6 are popular maternity wear sizes. who knew? honestly before i looked at the clothes i was kind of thinking along the small, medium, large continuum rather than actual sizes. i guess tents are out of fashion this year. then i walked through the baby section and almost started to cry. because i am hormonal. and because it starts to feel more real when i look at all the adorable baby stuff. picked up a few other random things (a cucumber, a bra that actually fits, prepackaged provolone cheese, cheetos, you know the essentials). then i headed to the bookstore to find a book on twins. they stocked a few titles so i selected one that seemed reputable enough to give me some actual information without pretending it was written for the infant rather than an adult (i am admittedly a book snob) and headed home before meeting a friend for a working lunch. retrieved hook and called the plumber since the city broke my toilet (seriously they turned off the water on the street and when they turned it back on it was broken – chances of them reimbursing me for this: slightly less than zero).

then i started reading. and panicking. and no i don’t believe everything i read. but some highlights included: recommended weight gain – 45 to 55 pounds.   daily caloric intake ~3500 a day. be prepared to stop working early. really early. like as early as 24 weeks. higher risk of bedrest. likelihood of babies in hospital for weeks. preterm labor. other complications. head. spinning. of course i knew some of this. i haven’t been completely ignoring things but all of it in front of me. confirming other things i have read. overwhelming to say the least. so i am trying to remember that what i know can help me. i have already added chicken to my diet. as a vegetarian for the past 7 years or so that wasn’t the easiest thing to do (still creeps me out at times) but i also need protein and i am not so good at that – never have been. i am trying to include milk in my diet even though i generally avoid lactose. i drink water incessantly. mild dehydration and i have a long history as friends. small steps. i have gained a few pounds. and then i seem to lose them. somewhat difficult with the nausea/vomiting but i am confident i can figure this all out.

for the moment though i think i will go back to reading The Wife. fiction can be a good distraction from actual information some days.


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