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mr. magoo and the mystery guest

27 Jul

i am admittedly paranoid. i don’t know what to expect and honestly a lot of the time everything just feels weird. last weekend i started feeling some pressure. not pain or anything just pressure. so i emailed my doctors office. on a saturday. i knew they would not respond until monday and i was okay with that. i just needed a little reassurance that this was “normal”. i like to pretend there is some semblance of normalcy in pregnancy. funny huh? so the weekend passed with me feeling a bit trepidatious but since everything was pretty much unchanged i had managed to calm down a bit. monday afternoon the nurses responded. by email. and pretty much had me freaking out. so i called. and they said to go home and rest for the rest of the day and then come in the following day. unless things got worse. then i should go to the ER or labor and delivery for monitoring. can you say panic? so i went home and rested. and woke up feeling pretty much the same – if not more paranoid. and i went  to work. to stew prior to my appointment.

my doctor was out of town. so i saw a new doctor. a pregnant doctor. she was kind. and calm. did a little poking and prodding and said all seemed okay but wanted an u/s to confirm. so my favorite nurse practitioner was happy to oblige. first she took a quick look at the growing babes. and asked if we wanted to know the sexes if she could tell. we said sure. we hadn’t been expecting it but well it was my birthday and we could use a little beckon of light in the paranoia that i was slowly emerging from…and so:

the big reveal. or really just a bonus peek while getting a cervix measurement. baby A was more than willing to flash the goods. and it appears we have a little boy growing in there. m asked how they could tell because honestly things aren’t all that clear on an u/s. often its like looking at an alien wiggling around in there. so the nurse practitioner pointed out the boy bits. i think m just wanted some verification since she was convinced there were two girls lurking in there. but clearly we have a mr. magoo on our hands.

baby B on the other had was a bit more coy. and unwilling to expose anything. initially B had its legs crossed. and then baby moved. perhaps a look now? i think not. position 2 yielded a hand over the groin area. and so B will remain the mystery guest. for now.after seeing the two wiggling creatures for a bit she took at my cervix. length is good (4.03). and mr. magoo’s head was rather low. so perhaps that is the pressure. or perhaps its just the weight of two. regardless. nothing wrong is way better than anything being wrong. so in this case – no reason is a good enough reason for me.

since the appointment last week i have been feeling little light tabs. or pops. it is pretty amazing. knowing that they are in there moving around. causing havoc. and bringing so much joy already.



16 Jul

so it’s been a few weeks. things are moving along swimmingly. i spent 5 days in vancouver for work. what a gorgeous place. mountains. ocean. 65 degrees. 7-11 stores. beluga whales. (no not me – real beluga whales) but apparently non-potable water from the bathroom toilets. good to know in case i get overly thirsty.

had an appointment with my ob yesterday. nothing too exciting. preliminaries: i am measuring at 18+ weeks. both heartbeats sound great (160 and 157). so far i have gained 9 pounds. and then we started talking. i had called a few weeks ago to ask about nutrition so we started there. suggestion for me is to gain 30-40 pounds. i am starting to wonder if my ob gets a kick back from muscle.milk. seriously he suggests it all the time. that and one particular book. we talked about working out and he mentioned “jogging”. as you may recall he had previously said no running at all. this time he said maybe a little. when i mentioned that he said “oh right it really isn’t a good idea”. hmm. helpful. i think doctors should write things down so they remember them. next appointment in 3 weeks. u/s in 4. that is a long time to wait to see them but since all is going well it makes sense. and honestly i have waited years to even be here so for now i will just look at my growing belly and wait for the day i can feel them swimming around in there.

today i sat at a stop sign for about a minute before i realized it wasn’t a light.some times i think my brain is melting.

morning/afternoon sickness is still there but i remain hopeful it is on the upswing.

i’m craving cinnamon pop tarts. but i haven’t one in probably 10 years.

hook has a mohawk. because he wanted one and really he is 5 so why not. he asks questions constantly about the babies. and without even trying he remains the sweetest child i have ever known.

welcome to phase 2

3 Jul

so we have made it to trimester #2. and i am super excited about that.

some highlights (and status quo) things from the past week:

  • we told hook on tuesday night and he is ecstatic. wednesday morning i thought he was going to jump out of the car before it stopped moving as we arrived at daycare. he immediately ran in and informed everyone in the vicinity that he is going to be a big brother and that there are 2 babies in my belly. i have never been one for attention so it was a bit odd. even more so when i picked him up and random parents were congratulating me. very sweet but strange to me.

  • informed the powers that be at work. they were more supportive than i imagined which is great. i was not anticipating a bad reaction but they are socially awkward men AND i am working on a rather big project right now so i was unsure how it would pan out. next step is to tell the other minions but i think they will all figure it out in due time. not that i am hiding anything but i just don’t have an overwhelming need to actively tell them anything either…
  • spoke with some additional family members this week and also told some friends. everyone has been super supportive and happy. well my grandfather doesn’t remember who i am and asked who my husband was but well what can you do?
  • still getting sick. we have created a bit of distance between vomiting episodes (maybe every 36 hours or so). but the nausea has been persistent. occasionally resorting to a zo.fran to get through the day but this has been really intermittent. consistently gaining an appropriate amount of weight though. being nauseous all the time and eating to try to abate this has proven useful.
  • finally broke down and bought a pair of maternity pants. for work. they are comfy and hopefully will not make me feel like i am stuffed in a sausage casing any longer. bonus.
  • still confident that long weekend are the best thing ever.