16 Jul

so it’s been a few weeks. things are moving along swimmingly. i spent 5 days in vancouver for work. what a gorgeous place. mountains. ocean. 65 degrees. 7-11 stores. beluga whales. (no not me – real beluga whales) but apparently non-potable water from the bathroom toilets. good to know in case i get overly thirsty.

had an appointment with my ob yesterday. nothing too exciting. preliminaries: i am measuring at 18+ weeks. both heartbeats sound great (160 and 157). so far i have gained 9 pounds. and then we started talking. i had called a few weeks ago to ask about nutrition so we started there. suggestion for me is to gain 30-40 pounds. i am starting to wonder if my ob gets a kick back from muscle.milk. seriously he suggests it all the time. that and one particular book. we talked about working out and he mentioned “jogging”. as you may recall he had previously said no running at all. this time he said maybe a little. when i mentioned that he said “oh right it really isn’t a good idea”. hmm. helpful. i think doctors should write things down so they remember them. next appointment in 3 weeks. u/s in 4. that is a long time to wait to see them but since all is going well it makes sense. and honestly i have waited years to even be here so for now i will just look at my growing belly and wait for the day i can feel them swimming around in there.

today i sat at a stop sign for about a minute before i realized it wasn’t a light.some times i think my brain is melting.

morning/afternoon sickness is still there but i remain hopeful it is on the upswing.

i’m craving cinnamon pop tarts. but i haven’t one in probably 10 years.

hook has a mohawk. because he wanted one and really he is 5 so why not. he asks questions constantly about the babies. and without even trying he remains the sweetest child i have ever known.


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  1. alimis 6 MonUTC2010-07-26T21:08:33+00:00UTC07bUTCMon, 26 Jul 2010 21:08:33 +0000 2009 at 9:08 PM #

    very cute pic of your son!

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