measuring up

6 Aug

thursday i had a doctors appointment. bright and early. not a bad thing but my inability to get out of bed at a reasonable time these days serves to complicate this. that and hooks school/daycare is in the opposite direction of the office. somehow i managed to make it in time. did the usual nurse things – pee in a cup, blood pressure, and gulp, weight. apparently my little loves are growing well. or maybe its just me. regardless i am definitely gaining weight – not excessively but according to the doctor “my weight is great”. and i officially weigh more now than i have EVER weighed in my life. of course this is a good thing for the benefit of the babies but it is still a difficult thing to wrap my head around.

apparently i need more sleep. i knew this. or at least think this often while waking every 1-2 hours to use the facilities or toss and turn. i guess it was more obvious than i thought since the first thing the doctor asked was how i was sleeping. i said not so well. and he said that that was obvious. so we talked about possible things to make that easier – including taking uni.som or if need be a prescription. i am not really looking to take anything so i will see what i can do on my own. we also discussed migraines. only because they make me vomit. i said i didn’t want to take anything else for them since most medications are category c. doctor suggested a bit of caffeine and when i explained that was a migraine trigger he said “wow you are destined to go through you days in a fog.” i think he was trying to find something that could help but i will just deal for another few months.

now those look comfy don’t they? support hose. yup panty hose. prescription ones to help with swelling and keeping your legs nice and increasing blood flow. it was odd. the doctor assured me he doesn’t wear panty hose. i assured him that generally neither do i. i offered to wear running compression socks but apparently these are better. though this conversation led to him showing me his gold toe compression socks. does my insurance cover this? no idea. perhaps i should find out. we shall see…maybe once it is no longer 90 and humid outside.

does it seem like i just skirt the recommendations of the doctor or are these things just odd?

after all the chatter we moved on to measurements. my belly is measuring 22+ weeks at 18w1d. apparently this will get even bigger (up to 8 weeks ahead of a singleton). and we listened to heartbeats. both had the rhythmic chugging of a train that i love to hear. the doctor also talked about 2 sets of twins he delivered in the past 2 weeks. naturally. this was reassuring to me. i know a lot of twins are born at this practice. but sometimes it helps to hear about other ones.  one set of twin had a baby near 7 pounds and one just over. for me the doctor is hoping for 5 to 5 1/2 pounds each. i am good with that. aside from that we talked about braxton-hicks (which i get on occasion).

and then i had to quickly leave the room to vomit – not from morning sickness (that was earlier) but from a migraine. scheduled for another appt in 4 weeks then we move on to every 2 weeks. next week is the level 2 at the perinatologists and maybe, just maybe, the mystery guest will allow us to take a peak (though i feel pretty certain its a boy)…


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