the one where i jump in a river to chase a canoe

29 Aug

we went camping this weekend. hook really wanted to go and since now is as good (or better) time than any we decided to just go for it. initially i was looking at cabins. the camping experience without the tent. so i asked hook about this. straight from the mouth of the babe i was told camping involves sleeping in a tent, roasting marshmallows, and fishing. so we went with it. two nights in a tent at 5+ months pregnant with twins can’t be so bad, right? i planned accordingly and brought a bucket to use for my multiple evening trips to the loo. new air mattress. and a plan to have a great time.

friday we packed up the car, the dog, and the boy and headed north. after recovering from the immediate onslaught of swarming blood sucking mosquitoes we set up camp. and went for a little hike. where mr. magoo and cindy lou who may have suffered their first in utero bug bites. then m built a fire and we had dinner. and s’mores. i actually slept okay. no well but was really no worse for the wear. m was fighting off some nasty cold/illness/plague and was not feeling quite so happy with the accommodations. hook was not loving the tent sleeping either but we all made it through night one.

so we decided to go canoeing. i was nervous we would tip and neither the dog or myself would be able to get back into the canoe. that did not happen. but we still had a bit of a misadventure. it was windy. and hook really wanted to fish. so we paddled around for a bit. and then pulled over onto a sandy bank. hook hopped out. the dog hopped out. i went to grab the dog when she decided to start traipsing up into the woods. and then m hopped out to take a few pictures. and the wind blew. and well the canoe shifted off the sand and started floating away. not slowly. and not even in the direction of the water. i wanted to jump in and grab it but m said no. and it went further and further away. i was frustrated and wondering how we were going to get off the sandy bank and how we were getting back the canoe. so i threw on the life jacket and jumped in the water and started swimming. only i wasn’t really going very far because i was swimming upstream. so i had to turn back. a few minutes later some fantastic strangers hopped in their canoe and rescued ours. we reembarked and paddled around for a while longer. no harm, no foul. and nothing like the memories of me as the pregnant lady chasing the canoe.

the rest of the afternoon we just relaxed. the little wigglers are big fans of a particular chair we brought to camp. they kicked and moved around happily every time i sat in it. taught hook a card game. just all spent some quality time together as a family. more s’mores. and camp fire stories. mosquitoes reemerged in full force and we turned in early for bed. perhaps sleeping in a tent is not something we will be trying again anytime soon but it was fun. and memorable.


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