big enough?

13 Sep

apparently this is an interesting topic for people – coworkers, strangers, family from afar. do i look like i am having twins? am i sufficiently “big enough”? today as i sat in a waiting room with hook an older woman started talking to me and hook informed her i was having twins – in two separate bubbles (he informs nearly everyone of this). she asked when i was due and promptly responded with “well you aren’t very big” followed by “twins come early – you should get bigger soon”. i also learned about her great grand kids and a sibling or cousin or something who had twins but didn’t know until they were born. i also have a colleague who only last week decided i officially “look pregnant” to her but must still be measuring small. personally i feel quite large – mammoth at times. and i know i will get much larger in the coming weeks and months. the wigglers need room! i just find it intriguing that everyone else has decided how big they think i should be. according to my doctor at my 22w1d visit i was measuring 29+ weeks (if i were carrying a singleton). and i have gained, well, let’s just say far more than i thought i would have at this point. all seems big enough to me! i guess we will see if i am fitting expectations and properly measuring up at my 24w2d appointment this week…

complete aside – hook was seriously mad at mr. magoo and was telling us he was not going to play with him because he couldn’t feel him kick. luckily a brewing sibling crisis was averted when hook was able to feel him kick repeatedly yesterday!


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