moving right along

18 Sep

yesterday we went to our 24 week appointment. plan was a growth   ultrasound, a febral fibronectin test (FFN – to assess chances of preterm labor), and a check-in with the doc. we decided to bring hook along for his chance to take a look at his growing siblings on the screen. both mr. magoo and cindy lou who who are looking good. magoo is head down, weighing in at 1lb. 10 oz. and a bit ahead of schedule at 24w4d. cindy lou is also growing well. head up. 1lb. 7oz. and a week behind her brother at 23w4d. both have strong heartbeats and were wiggling around as usual. hook was excited both to see the babies and with the jelly they put on my stomach to see them. FFN was negative and cervix is looking great (4.90 cm). and as a bonus i only gained just over a pound in the past two weeks. back for more fun with a gestational diabetes test, an FFN, and a doctor visit in another two weeks.

my bellybutton is in a seemingly precarious position as my stomach continues to expand. not sure it is going to retain its status as an innie for much longer. still keeping the stretch marks at bay as long as possible.

hook started flag football last night and scored a touchdown. perhaps the kid has identified his own calling. though i am still against him playing tackle football any time soon. today we decided to partake in our annual family tradition of going to the apple orchard. usually we go much later into october but since we were actually going to pick some honeycrisp apples. perfect day for hay rides, apple picking, a jaunt through the corn maze, hot cider, and warm cinnamon sugar donuts. looking forward to heading back next year with the little wigglers in tow.


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