27 Sep

it seems like everything has been coming in waves lately. perhaps it is just hormones. or the fact that we getting closer to having babies. two babies. at times i feel completely overwhelmed by the prospect. other times i am genuinely amazed at the little wigglers growing inside of me. and still others i am beside myself with happiness at our growing family.

last week the wigglers wanted to check out L & D. or more specifically Mr. Magoo did. he opted to remain relatively silent for long periods of time forcing me to wonder if all was okay. it wasn’t that he stopped moving completely just that he was rather lackadaisical about it. so on the suggestion of the nurse we headed to the hospital to get it checked out. hook and i arrived and got a quick look at the birth center which seems lovely. and then met with some delightful nurses. i was hooked up to the monitors and both magoo and cindy lou who continuously moved off of the monitors as they were located. so clearly magoo was moving – he just didn’t feel like submitting to the whims my paranoia that day. m arrived and we were shortly thereafter told all was well and we could head home. i explained to the wigglers that now that we have seen the hospital there is no reason to go back for at least 12 more weeks.

tired from? anything. everything. it’s amazing how the littlest things can knock me down right now (not literally). a trip to target and then unloading groceries necessitates a short break. walking up flights of stairs. out of breath. general daily activities requiring more effort than they should. strange adjustment. i keep trying to remind myself that i am an endurance athlete. i run marathons. i train in snow. sleet. rain…i sound like the mail man now. but seriously i run through anything for hours and then go about the rest of my day. this however is an entirely different type of training. my body is not accustomed to putting on exponential amounts of weight in short expanses of time. my lungs are used to straining but not from a diaphragm being pushed on. my heart knows how to pump blood quickly and efficiently but is having a bit more difficult time since that blood volume has doubled. it is all amazing. my body is doing things i never imagined it could do. and i am growing these little wigglers that are moving around and flipping and getting stronger. it almost seems that by the time i might be able to wrap my head around any of it it will be over.


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