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the flip side

17 Oct

we have hurdled the 28 week milestone. i am starting to feel like i am closing in on the end game. yes there are weeks to go – sometimes the weeks seem interminable – but all the same there is much less time to go than time that has passed. this week we had a growth ultrasound, a FFN test, and an appt with the OB (that took 5 minutes). the wigglers are growing well. up to an estimated 2lbs. 11oz. for mr. magoo (53% for size) and 2lb. 9oz. for cindy lou who (44% for size). and surprise surprise – cindy lou who has flipped to head down. perhaps she was just tired of being kicked in the head by her brother. regardless that means are of now we have two head down babies. (of course what is true now may not be true in 2 weeks but i’ll go with it for the moment). cervix is still cooperating and sealed up like a damn and all else is clear. measuring 35 weeks. doc had initially mentioned starting weekly visits but then opted for another two weeks since all is going swimmingly.

to complete a day of doctors appointments i met with a cardiologist in the afternoon. heart palpitations for 15-20 minutes and almost passing out while walking around necessitated this referral. heart rate is considered high (resting is about 110). and palpitations need to be checked. so i get to wear a nifty heart monitor. and have an echocardiogram. and see an electrophysiologist. wohoo. my only real concern is for the babies. they seem to not be a huge fan of the palpitations and move around crazily during them. there was the mention of betablockers. this did not thrill me. i would prefer to not introduce anything that even has the potential for minimal damage to the wigglers. what some doctors consider “safe” generally does not jive with what i consider “safe”. especially after doing a bit of research. category c and d drugs just really aren’t my thing. and the mention that i will need to stop taking them while in labor since they affect the babies heart rates as well was not the least bit comforting. labor isn’t really a scheduled event (usually) and how do we know this won’t be problematic. of course nothing is planned quite yet. need to see how the echo pans out and the results from the heart monitor.

we had a baby shower yesterday – or as one of my friends aptly put it “Baby Booty Bonanza”. three of our friends graciously threw us a lovely event. lots of food. wine for the non-pregnant folks. and no games! my kind of party. the only real activity at the shower besides eating, drinking, socializing, and opening gifts was everyone was asked to decorate a birthday card for one of the twins for one of their birthdays in the future. it was an idea i have never heard of before and everyone seemed into it. i look forward to seeing the cards. we are indeed blessed with kind and generous friends. the wigglers pulled down quite the haul and are steadily accumulating the items they will need to assist them in their first year or so of life. (along with some cute clothes and adorable homemade knit hats). it was a good time and i am honestly amazed by how giving our friends are as well as how excited they are to meet the babies.

operation nursery creation is underway. finally. not that it needed to be done any earlier but i am a consummate planner so not having it done was making me a little crazy. one of m’s college friends (mother of twin boys) amazingly actually flew out to assist in the mission (and potentially other household improvement tasks). thus far they have purchased cribs and a dresser and some other assorted items. and moved all furniture out of the room. painting is expected to begin shortly. and i was asked to refrain from entering the room until they have completed the task at hand. difficult for me but i think i can manage. and i’ll try to not even peek.





things you don’t expect

6 Oct

27 weeks. the start of the third trimester. 10 weeks to full-term for magoo and cindy lou. often feeling like a hippo. but enjoying my expanding belly at the same time.

all is going well. no gestational diabetes. low iron. random heart palpitations. still upright and generally functional.

i can honestly say i didn’t expect to be this tired so soon. nor did i expect to feel so overwhelmed with emotion all the time. i keep trying to picture my family in 3 months and then i start to get a little panicky. how are we going to do this?

i never expected to spend so much time with my hand on my belly enjoying the incredible feeling of feet and elbows, backs and knees push against me.

i didn’t know i could feel so much for two little somethings i have yet to really see. then again the same was true when we were expecting hook. the day i found out m was pregnant my entire world shifted to tilt toward my son and it has never moved back.

i didn’t think we would be spending our last doctor approved trip out of town in fargo. with hook. for a bridal shower. staying in a hotel thats only real selling point was the lack of bed bugs. but it somehow worked. and it was fun to just be together as a family. on the brink of all that is to come…

i never expected to be filled with so many questions and concerns intermixed with so many hopes and dreams. all swirling around painting a picture of the future.

and as much as i wanted to be here. to be pregnant. i never really expected i would be. and i am continuously amazed as the days and weeks pass that here i am – growing two amazing little wigglers who have already become an integral part of our family.