things you don’t expect

6 Oct

27 weeks. the start of the third trimester. 10 weeks to full-term for magoo and cindy lou. often feeling like a hippo. but enjoying my expanding belly at the same time.

all is going well. no gestational diabetes. low iron. random heart palpitations. still upright and generally functional.

i can honestly say i didn’t expect to be this tired so soon. nor did i expect to feel so overwhelmed with emotion all the time. i keep trying to picture my family in 3 months and then i start to get a little panicky. how are we going to do this?

i never expected to spend so much time with my hand on my belly enjoying the incredible feeling of feet and elbows, backs and knees push against me.

i didn’t know i could feel so much for two little somethings i have yet to really see. then again the same was true when we were expecting hook. the day i found out m was pregnant my entire world shifted to tilt toward my son and it has never moved back.

i didn’t think we would be spending our last doctor approved trip out of town in fargo. with hook. for a bridal shower. staying in a hotel thats only real selling point was the lack of bed bugs. but it somehow worked. and it was fun to just be together as a family. on the brink of all that is to come…

i never expected to be filled with so many questions and concerns intermixed with so many hopes and dreams. all swirling around painting a picture of the future.

and as much as i wanted to be here. to be pregnant. i never really expected i would be. and i am continuously amazed as the days and weeks pass that here i am – growing two amazing little wigglers who have already become an integral part of our family.


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