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nearly there

30 Nov

not to wiggler escape…though that is rapidly approaching as well. a sort of interesting guessing game as to when they may make their appearance. but for the moment we are nearly to the end of self imposed mandatory posting. it has been interesting. forcing me to think about a lot of things and put them down. it’s amazing how much you forget. and how quickly.i am both amazed at how quickly the past 35 weeks have gone by. and how slowly they seem to pass some times. i feel ready for wigglers. and petrified at the same time. we have done this before. albeit with one. six years ago. and we made it. (somewhat successfully i like to think.) but i seriously think we have forgotten most everything since then. it comes back. in bits and pieces. and between m and i we are usually able to piece together some memories from the best that may shed some light on what may be to come. or maybe not. i guess we will see. i am contemplating packing a bag for the hospital. but it still seems premature. and i can’t think of anything i really need other than for the wigglers to be born healthy. and all of us to come home. together. hopefully before christmas. tomorrow is the first day of december. perhaps we really will be nearly there. or they will be nearly here…


it’s grow time!

29 Nov

this morning brought a growth u/s, a biophysical profile and an appt with the ob at 34w5d. luckily this week the person doing the u/s was one of the wonderful nurse practitioners and not the morose silent tech from last week. we looked at each of the wigglers and measurements were taken. it would appear that mr. magoo has taken the last 18 days quite seriously. he is now measuring in the 70th percentile at 5lbs, 14oz. that is nearly two pounds more than his last measurements. all else looked good for magoo who remains perched head down for arrival. cindy lou who has also done some growing but i think her brother is beating her to the food supply since she is in the 38th percentile at 4lbs, 14oz. not too shabby. she also looked fantastic. i was fortunate enough to get to see both of their cute little faces today as well. and the nice nurse practitioner made sure to give me a few nice pics as well. non-stress test was uneventful. cindy lou kept kicking the monitor off per usual – she may be small but she is definitely feistier. quite a few contractions picked up on the monitors (which i knew but it is always interesting to see how they look on the monitor as well). doc checked things out around the escape hatch area and it appears i am starting to efface and magoo is at -1 station but i am not dilating much more than before. doc thinks there is at least another week to go but warned that of course that could change but he does not anticipate me making it to another growth u/s in two weeks. original plan has always been to make it to december. and we are nearly there. until then let the growing continue.


28 Nov

for about 32 weeks i was doing so well. my stomach was that is. and then it happened. my first stretch mark. below my (now flat) belly button. i had been diligently applying bio.oil morning and night and things seemed okay. but once i started measuring 40 weeks it was over. my skin is now marred with stretch marks. nothing hideous or unsightly. but they are there. and every day there are a few more. smallish marks mostly. they itch. and intermittently hurt. nothing bad. a rite of passage perhaps. i guess bikini season is over for me.

really pregnant

27 Nov

that pretty much sums up how i am feeling lately. some mornings i wake up and think this is relatively comfortable. until i try to roll over. and then the fun starts. it seems pointless and absurd and ridiculous to complain because honestly this is what i wanted. and i can’t imagine it any other way. and it is entirely worth it. but that does not negate the fact that right now i feel really pregnant. and large and unwieldy. i suppose it comes with the territory of twins. or maybe this is how all pregnant people feel at some point. my basis of comparison is non-existent. the wigglers are super active much of the time. and at times they feel like they are trying to bust out. via my bellybutton.  i am sure i will miss much (okay at least some) of this once the wigglers make their entrance. so for now i will just be really pregnant. and try to wait patiently for the day when i can hold my babies in my arms. (and not feel quite as pregnant).


26 Nov

hook woke me up around 7:30 this morning to tell me the dog had taken the turkey out of the trash. and then i took the recycling out in subzero wind chills. despite the fact i was doubtful they would come today (i was right – they didn’t). and the rest of the day, well, we pretty much did nothing. i stayed in my pajamas. all day. not sure i can remember when i have done this. ever. i’m sure i have but i can’t recall when. it was relaxing. and boring. and perfect all at the same time. i think the wigglers needed it. and hook needed it. and i needed it. once m returned from retail madness (working it not partaking in it) she easily adapted to our day of nothingness. perhaps tomorrow i will get up and do something. perhaps not.


25 Nov

so much to be thankful for. and grateful for. there isn’t enough time in one day to really express it all. hook is a remarkable little boy. my first wish. the person who has made my life this joyous adventure every day. m is my rock. and my heart. the one i know i can turn to no matter what. no matter when. i am amazed by all we came through to get to where we are. and i am incredibly excited for all that is to come. the past eight and half months have not been easy but they have brought about this fantastic journey that i would do over again in a second. i am thankful for the wigglers continuous movement and their impending arrival. and of course, family – both given and chosen – make my life better every day. i am thankful. and grateful. and while everyday it may not be evident it is never far below the surface.

Thanksgiving eve

25 Nov

Turkey day. I admit I am a fan. Usually we have at least a few relatives visiting to enjoy the festivities. But not that year. So it is a little strange. Not bad strange – just different. Then again a lot is different this year. I won’t be going for a run in the morning. I am not drinking wine. And I will actually be eating some turkey tomorrow since I am now a failed vegetarian based on the wigglers demands (I am okay with this). M will be cooking as usual because a) she enjoys it and b) she is really good at it. As much as I enjoy being with family a quiet day at home isn’t a bad thing either…macy’s parade, football, good food and the most important people in my world. Sounds perfect.