matters of the heart

2 Nov

Yesterday i finished this post and then it vanished after being up for a few hours. Frustrating since I actually had things to say bit alas it is technology. What can you do?
To recap (since I don’t really remember what I said) it is amazing what pregnancy can do to you. both the good and the crazy. it seems like both my mind and my body are preparing for the arrival of the wigglers. I find myself reminiscing about things in my childhood. a jar of spice drops at my grandparents house. the day my brother was born. my grandmother loving the song edelweiss. and the best birthday gift ever – a green tent when I turned seven. there are so many things I want to remember and fund myself trying to hold on to these days…

hook had an eventful few weeks. first a concussion at school (smacking heads with another boy on the tire swing). I hope to never hear the heartbreaking sobbing of my boy as he is getting sick on the way to the ER again.

and then our beautiful boy turned six. six amazing years with a child who is a decidedly better human than I am. it goes by so quickly. too quickly in the moments when you think nothing is happening. we celebrated with pizza and pumpkin carving and then followed that up with a bowling party this past weekend. hook really is an fantastic child and we will be extremely fortunate if the wigglers follow in their big brothers footsteps.

heart palpitations have been diagnostically renamed as sinus tachycardia. finally (after extensive research and doctor consultations) relented to an rx to help control them. harm without rx outweighs any potential harm from it. hoping things even back out once the wigglers emerge.

30 week appointment yielded the discovery that Cindy Lou Who has yet again flipped back to breech. I should I’ve known when it felt as though my abdomen might split open to yield a random baby body part… Aside from that all is looking good. no indications they are seeking out the escape hatch yet. plan to keep incubating at least into early december. I explained there was no need to emerge until christmas music was being blared everywhere…I think they are good with that plan for now.


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  1. Defining Family 6 WedUTC2010-11-03T08:14:06+00:00UTC11bUTCWed, 03 Nov 2010 08:14:06 +0000 2009 at 8:14 AM #

    Poor hook – that sounds horrible. Hope he is on the mend. Thinking of you as the weeks bring us closer to December along with the arrival of your wigglers!

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