less than fifty

3 Nov

within the next 7 weeks we will have wigglers. 49 days. two babies that will need to be nursed and changed and rocked and have every aspect of their lives attended to.huh. that seems so very overwhelming at times. at least in theory. i have no doubt it will all come together immediately (or shortly thereafter) once the wigglers make their debut. but the thinking can make it all seem like so much sometimes.

i am extremely excited to meet them and watch their every move. see how their personalities develop. see how hook interacts with his sister and his brother. but i am also a bit terrified. it seems so soon when you break it down into days. and the chance of it being even fewer days is, well, a bit daunting. i am working on tying things up at work – right at a time when the main project i work on has gone to hell in a handbasket. i am attempting to get our house in some semblance of order. and i am trying to focus on hook as much as possible.

right now i am sitting here having just finished up a call for work and feeling cindy lou who kick me repeatedly while her brother gets his own jabs in on a more limited basis. i am going to miss feeling them move around as my constant companions.

“”I am attempting this NaBloPoMo – though this got screwed up slightly when my 11/1 post was randomly deleted. hopefully the wigglers will maintain their holding pattern to make it through the month


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