more water please

7 Nov

ihop has the best water i have ever had. hands down. how do i know this? hook is a big fan of pancakes and a few weeks ago when he was off of school i brought him there for breakfast. (as he described it to m – ihop is where they put junk food on your pancakes). and when we were there i had a glass of water. it was so very cold and so very tasty. not sure what it was about it but seriously it was wonderful. so when hook asked if we could go back there today i concurred – first because it might be one of the last times for a while that we can go out to eat with just the two of us and second because i wanted more of that water. and happily the water was just as good. i drank some oj as well but the water was way better. so good in fact i may have drank too much of it so the limited space my stomach has left in my expanding abdominal cavity. let’s just say breakfast didn’t actually stay down for very long. and once it was up i wanted more ihop water. but we weren’t there any more. oh well.

i actually have been drinking a freakish amount of water. some mornings i wake up and drink 32 oz of water before i even get in the shower. and i wake up in the middle of the night needing to drink water. i am used to being thirsty but this is way past anything i am used to. the wigglers must need it so i try to give them all that i can. i figure i am up 4-6x a night anyway if most of them are to create space for my water so be it. apparently i can expect this to carry through while breastfeeding as well. maybe it’s like reverse training for running. i have always been horrible at drinking enough when i run. i am known to leave my water bottle in my car, run 10-13 miles and only then stop off for a drink. wise, no but you get used to it. even in utero the wigglers are already teaching me to take better care of myself.


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