weebles wobble and i fall down

8 Nov

today i picked up hook from school. and then we walked across the street. and then there i was splayed out on the sidewalk. no idea how i fell. no reason (aside from being 8 months pregnant with twins). i quickly – or as quickly as i could – got up and brushed myself off. my elbow took the brunt of the fall. but i did land on my right side and as evidenced by the dirt on my shirt i managed to at least bump the baby bump.

i was not overly concerned about the wigglers. with very little prodding they resumed the internal assault. i was slightly worried about any damage to cindy lou who since she is the right side resident but all seemed okay. as a precaution once home i called the on call doctor. she suggested i head to L&D for some monitoring just in case one of the placentas ruptured or dislodged or otherwise did something it should not have. so m came home to take hook to swimming and i headed to the hospital. strangely both wigglers were rather accommodating about getting monitored. they were easy to pick up and while they occasionally hopped off to perform some acrobatics they were quickly picked up again. the lab came to take some blood and run a test. no results on that yet but all else looks good. i requested a delightful cup of ice. (apparently i go to ihop for water and the hospital for ice). spoke to m who informed me that hook was concerned the wiggler had mild concussions. luckily i think we escaped that this time around but i appreciate his genuine concern. and while i would prefer to stay out of L&D until it is time to actually labor and deliver – it was kind of cool to see how the wigglers heart rates went up and down as they moved around. now i just need to focus on staying upright for the next few weeks…


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