so much more than just stuff

9 Nov

this afternoon while i was working from home i had the tv on in the background (bad i know) but seriously i was doing research and responding to emails. i was probably more focused than i am when i sit in my cube and think about everything other than work. anyhow. one of the shows was pregnant and homeless. it was crazy to think about. this woman and her husband were 9 months pregnant and living in a tent on a mountain. when she got pregnant they had a house and cable and jobs. and then it all fell apart. she lost 15 pounds since getting pregnant. and had to panhandle just to get food to eat. depressing. and eye opening. apparently one out of every five homeless women are pregnant. insane. what is going to happen to those children? in the earliest and potentially most formative months of their lives they will be living on the street. it just doesn’t seem right. and as i sat here watching i looked up at the pile of baby “stuff” collecting in the family room and thought about how fortunate we are. not because we have stuff but because we have people in our lives who no matter what happened would never let us live on the street. being without a home or a place to stay would never be an option. and that is so much more important than having the proper baby seats or swings or toys.

*the show ended with the family finding a house to stay at by bartering construction work for board. and the baby was born at a good weight and seemed healthy. just makes you realize how short the distance can be between you and the ground.


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