things people say

12 Nov

people say odd things. stupid things. ignorant things. weird things. inappropriate things. all the time. there is nothing really new about this. but i think seeing a pregnant person somehow exacerbates this for some. and the more pregnant you are perhaps the worse it is. or maybe just the more obvious it becomes.  i should have been writing things down throughout my pregnancy but well, i can’t remember what i had for lunch today so that wasn’t exactly first on my list of things to remember. some still stand out though – random colleague: “I didn’t even know you were trying!” another coworker: “are you sure there are two in there?” and some unsolicited suggestions on names and naming conventions for twins.

but lately there have been a few interesting exchanges… on monday or tuesday i was leaving work around noon to go work from home for the rest of the afternoon. i had stopped off to chat with a friend for a minute before leaving. another colleague excitedly says “are you going to have the babies right now?” i looked at her a bit oddly and said “well i certainly hope not”. yesterday i was walking into the grocery store and a salvation army bell ringer was outside. he said “i’ve never been pregnant but you look like you will be good at it”. umm, thanks. i think. and last night we were at a potluck at hook’s school. surrounded by parents that i don’t know. i tend to be a bit antisocial or perhaps shy in some situations to begin with so it is always a somewhat uncomfortable inducing experience for me. anyhow. one mother asked when i was due and i said december. when asked if we knew what we were having i said a girl and a boy. immediately she asked if i was having a c-section. this seems to be a big point of interest for people when they hear i am incubating twins. she then said well at least you will have one girl. another mother had similar questions and responses indicating how important it was that we were having a girl to “maintain a semblance of balance in the house”. sure if you say so. (of course we are excited to be having a girl and a boy but had it been two boys or two girls we would have been equally as excited.) and now that i look like i might burst many people have started asking when i am due. when i say december they seem somewhat perplexed until i say it is twins (not something i always tell people off the bat) and then they either say something about how small i look for twins (yes the same people who thought my water might break mid-meeting) or how that makes sense since i look rather rather gargantuan to be not due until december if there is only one in there. don’t get me wrong – i enjoy talking about the wigglers and their impending arrival. i am just amused at all the things others have to say about it.


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