make new friends but keep the old…

14 Nov

today was strange. woke up to see the 9 inches of snow that fell yesterday steadily melting away and making everything feel damp and somewhat melancholy. none of this was entirely bad or good or anything. just a day where time seemed to function in fits and bursts. i cleaned up a bit. and ate some cereal. and helped m put together the glider (which is awesome). late this afternoon i had plans to meet up with two friends from law school. one lives locally and the other lives in dc now. we met at a coffee shop/restaurant and immediately fell into conversation like five years hadn’t really elapsed. since graduation we i have seen each of them only a total of 3 or 4 times. but somehow it just didn’t matter. it was like we were back in time. sitting there talking. just without the burden of law classes and the attendant stress hanging over our heads. at one point B said “i feel like you haven’t changed in the past five years and not in a bad way. you even look the same – except for the baby belly of course”. it was refreshing to be around some old friends who may not entirely be a part of your life on a regular basis but are enough of a part that you remember exactly why you became friends in the first place.


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