the peanut gallery

16 Nov

today hook had his food challenge. a few years ago after nearly going into anaphylactic shock while we were traveling in italy, hook was diagnosed with allergies to tree nuts, peanuts and sesame. (his reaction in italy was to hazelnuts and probably almonds). the boy was devastated about the peanuts and has consistently asked since then when he could be tested again. so about two months ago i brought him to the allergist and another scratch test was done. everything looked pretty much the same. except for peanut – it was negative. so off we went for a blood test. also negative. but the only way to really know is with actual ingestion of the food in question. in a controlled setting. so today we spent several hours at the hospital where hook was fed increasing amounts of peanuts over the course of 2-3 hours. no reaction at all. so it looks like he is now out of the woods for peanuts. he asked if he can have a pb&j for lunch tomorrow. i’m not sure m or i is quite willing to go that far quite yet. perhaps at home where i can hover over him with an epi-pen at the ready…

also still feeling, well, weird. more contractions but no real pattern to them. crampy. feels like something is happening but i’m not entirely sure what. i tried to move my monday appointment to this week but there was nothing open. perhaps i will call tomorrow and see if i should get checked out. at the office instead of L&D – not that it isn’t a lovely place but i am trying not to go back there until it is time to actually be in labor and deliver the wigglers. they continue to move around seemingly happily and i am trying to convince them that it’s way better in there than out here right now. i wish there was a manual about how you are supposed to feel and how you know what is prelabor. or labor. or just your body adapting to its hugeness.


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