how far we’ve come

19 Nov

two years ago today i had a laparoscopy to remove a blocked tube. it was a somewhat important day since it signaled a shift in my thinking about fertility and infertility. i was confident that if the tube was removed an iui would magically do the trick. we had returned from a trip to italy and i was ready to get back on the trying to conceive wagon. my doctor knew about my blocked tube and suggested we remove it before attempting anything else. so i gave it a go. it was the first time i had anesthesia. the first (and only) surgery i have ever had. (unless egg retrieval counts as surgery – i’m not sure). m was out of town for work and i told her not to come home for it. i was mildly nervous but was focused on what it could mean going forward. the surgery went well. the tube was removed. and sampled. and a few hours later i was sent on my way with some painkillers and an order to not run and just lounge around for a few days. a friend brought me to get my prescription and then deposited me at home. it was her birthday.

and now here we are. two years later. 33w2d pregnant with the wigglers. the iui’s didn’t work. and we moved on to ivf. and it was clearly the best decision we have made. a lot has changed in two years. but my desire to add to our family hasn’t. the friend who was so involved and willing to take time out on her birthday to pick me up is only peripherally involved in my life any more. and while that is disappointing – at some point you realize that you cannot force people to be who you want or need them to be in your life. i am happy with how far i have come. and how far my family has come. and where we are all heading.


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  1. Defining Family 6 SatUTC2010-11-20T19:33:45+00:00UTC11bUTCSat, 20 Nov 2010 19:33:45 +0000 2009 at 7:33 PM #

    It’s always a mixture of cathartic sorrow and revitalizing hope to look back on the past years happenings. I know the feeling – I’ve been doing lots of this lately. I’m so excited for where you’re all heading and I can’t wait to read a similar post come next year. Where we hear about how these wigglers have changed and strengthened your family.

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