20 Nov

saturday. finally. this week seemed longer than most. and honestly for me it wasn’t any busier than usual. i think it is just the exhaustion factor at this point. i am tired. from doing virtually nothing. i get up and get ready for work. and then i bring hook to school. and then head in to work. at work my colleagues continue to give me a good amount of work to do. work that takes potentially weeks to finish. because they are delusional or wishful i am not certain. and then i go home. and work from there for a few more hours. until sadie and i pick up hook. it is essentially nothing yet it is still exhausting.but things need to get done. this morning i sat on the couch and didn’t want to move. didn’t want to do anything. just seems like the right thing to do right now. but i didn’t. i went out to lunch with some friends. and then i came home to clean. we set up a pack n’ play. and attempted to build a swing that needs to be returned due to defective parts. we seem to stumble onto the conclusion quite often that the house needs to be cleaned. and wiggler arrival is increasingly imminent. so the cleaning needs to be done. now. despite any exhaustion or anything else.


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