on ice

21 Nov

today was a stay at home day. or at least most of it anyway. we hadn’t really planned it that way but it was icy out and since i have trouble staying upright without ice it didn’t make much sense to try to ice skate to the car to try not to slip and slide down the highway. m took out the christmas tree. and decorations. more out of necessity for the extra room to store things than anything else. what our house has for living space it definitely lacks in storage space. so the tree went up. hook was beside himself with excitement. and he graced the tree with one ornament. (the rest will be added in a few days). we watched toy.story.3. and assembled some more wiggler accouterments. and just hung out. it was nice to just be home together as our family of three. for potentially one of the last times.

this morning my dear friend k texted me to let me know that she was in labor with the fish (the affectionate term for her own impending wiggler). i know she was hesitant to be induced tomorrow (on what would be a week overdue) so i was happy to hear things started on their own. anxiously awaiting the news from k and f. hoping all is going swimmingly for them.

work in the morning. where i will receive my free turkey. yup seriously. then back to the doctor tomorrow.  feeling like it is time to hunker down at home for a bit. we will see if the doctor agrees…


One Response to “on ice”

  1. lis 6 SunUTC2010-11-21T22:25:11+00:00UTC11bUTCSun, 21 Nov 2010 22:25:11 +0000 2009 at 10:25 PM #

    i hope you can get written out of work for now. i can’t believe you’re almost there! it seems like just yesterday…

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