picture day

22 Nov

or more appropriately called – ultrasound day. but when i am babbling to the wigglers it just seems easier to call it picture day. another biophysical profile today. followed by an appt with the doc. the u/s tech was, well, strange. she pretty much had nothing to say. about anything. of course i know by now what their hearts look like and what their heads look like. etc. but this woman said nothing. which not only leaves me thinking something is wrong but it is also just awkward. these are little humans woman – get excited. anyhow m arrived about half way through as the unaccomodating wigglers were refusing to move a whole heck of a lot (of course on the way over they were having what i can only assume was some sort of rave in there). so she stepped out to get the buzzer. i was not concerned and if this would end the strained silence then so be it. each wiggler was buzzed and each responded with kicks, flips, and other acrobatic type movements. cindy lou, however, while moving wildly was apparently not doing any “practice breathing”. tech seemed to be getting annoyed so she she poked and prodded her. still nothing. finally she gave up and said “baby b isn’t breathing”. um, please don’t say that again. she wasn’t practice breathing. she lives in a sac of fluid. on to the non stress test, cindy lou apparently decided to get back to her practice and pretty much hiccuped through the entire twenty minutes. on of the nurse practitioners actually held the monitors one for almost the entire time while we chatted about her b/g twins. much better than the grumpy u/s tech. and then on to the doc appt. since last weeks trip to L&D i have been taking terb.utaline to stop my contractions. it works maybe 50% of the time. but since i am not progressing toward labor i asked to stop taking it. doc explained that over time it would change my cervix so i must continue to ingest something to halt the squeezing of the wigglers. switched to some other med that i have yet to pick up.  measuring 40.5 weeks. and despite m’s guess at 3cm dilation we are still at likely about 1. works for me. scheduled for a c-section at 38 weeks if wigglers don’t find the escape hatch before then. if they decide to make a break for it in the next 2-3 weeks we can try a natural birth depending on any number of factors that are too early to determine. getting closer. oh and now i have a note requiring me to work from home going forward. nothing wrong with that.

congrats to K and F on the arrival of fish! i am overjoyed for them. such a gorgeous and lucky little boy.


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