nearly there

30 Nov

not to wiggler escape…though that is rapidly approaching as well. a sort of interesting guessing game as to when they may make their appearance. but for the moment we are nearly to the end of self imposed mandatory posting. it has been interesting. forcing me to think about a lot of things and put them down. it’s amazing how much you forget. and how quickly.i am both amazed at how quickly the past 35 weeks have gone by. and how slowly they seem to pass some times. i feel ready for wigglers. and petrified at the same time. we have done this before. albeit with one. six years ago. and we made it. (somewhat successfully i like to think.) but i seriously think we have forgotten most everything since then. it comes back. in bits and pieces. and between m and i we are usually able to piece together some memories from the best that may shed some light on what may be to come. or maybe not. i guess we will see. i am contemplating packing a bag for the hospital. but it still seems premature. and i can’t think of anything i really need other than for the wigglers to be born healthy. and all of us to come home. together. hopefully before christmas. tomorrow is the first day of december. perhaps we really will be nearly there. or they will be nearly here…


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