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Begin again

31 Dec

This has been an incredibly amazing year. It started with hope and ended with dreams fulfilled. I ran a marathon, grew two gorgeous wigglers, watched hook start kindergarten, and finally met our amazing babies. As I sit here on this cold new years eve night with m, magoo, and cindy lou (as hook sleeps upstairs) I really cannot emphasize how grateful and blessed I feel. I am eagerly awaiting a new year filled with love and laughter and promise and brimming with opportunities for our family of five.


Two weeks

31 Dec

Two weeks used to have such a different meaning. It was a space that contained hopes and dreams. The promise of what could be. And so much was riding on it. Two weeks filled with anticipation. And a requisite amount of trepidation.
But this has been a much different two weeks. No waiting. The wigglers are here. And our days are full. Two weeks ago I was laying in recovery after some interesting events transpired during delivery. Two weeks ago m was holding our babies. Two weeks ago our lives changed forever in the most amazing way. I am in awe every day as I look at my babies. I still can’t believe they are here. Or that I grew them from little specks of cells to these incredible small humans. So many days have blurred together recently. The edges are fuzzy from lack of sleep, painkillers, and unadulterated and overwhelming love. But here we are on the flip side of two weeks – definitely a better place to be.

Birth story: I am in the process of remembering (and not forgetting) the adventures that immediately proceeded the wigglers entrance into the world and into our lives. Just need to put it in some semblance of order…

so many things to say

26 Dec

but for now it will be pictures until i have the ability to say something comprehensible.

suffice it to say i am overwhelmed by how much i love magoo and cindy lou. absolutely incredible.

we are all settling in to our new lives. hook is awestruck by his siblings. all in all it’s been an amazing 10 days thus far.

A few quick looks

22 Dec



Protected: The escape hatch has been located

17 Dec

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My first wish

15 Dec

as I lay here waiting to be induced in the morning I can’t help thinking about how much is about to change. we will be expanding from a family of three to a family of five. and our sweet sweet boy will no longer be an only child. I feel like there is so much I want him to know but not enough time or the right words to say it. hook was my first wish. the first time in my life someone mattered so much more than anything else. of course one can say the same about a partner or loved one but with children there is something different. from the moment we found out m was pregnant I was in love with my boy. he quickly became the center of our universe. and we have tried to do everything possible to raise him well. and I like to think we have done a good job. he is kind and sweet and considerate. he looks out for others and for animals. I am not sure what we did but so much of it is just him. he has a good soul and a giving heart. he wants siblings. he is very excited to meet the wigglers and see them and have them home with him. I think he knows his life will change but I am certain he has no idea how. nor do we really. I just know that he will be an amazing big brother. and I am looking forward to making his wish (and ours) for babies come true.

Rest you must

15 Dec

so I made it to 36w6d without any bed rest. until now. went to the hospital this morning for another shot to strengthen wiggler lungs. in slippers. in -7 degree weather with 18+ inches of snow on the ground. i asked to have my BP checked while the wigglers were monitored. higher than yesterday. the incredible nurse was concerned and started checking my reflexes (they were brisk?), noticed some specific swelling around my eyes and said I was just looking not so good. so she called my dr and ordered more labs. essentially she didn’t think I would be leaving today. BP readings remained high. wigglers kept moving around like usual. labs were borderline so I was sent home on strict bed rest until medically required induction on Thursday morning. with specific instructions to just come back if anything changes. of course the wigglers may have their own plans in the meantime…

Yay for defining family and their awesome beta today!