let it snow

11 Dec

i woke up at 2:30 or so this morning. in pain. wait are those contractions? real contractions? not the braxton hicks that i have been experiencing since week 17. or the preterm contractions that had me in L&D a few weeks ago. i feel like i can’t trust what i feel and this is very frustrating. between paranoia and uncertainty it’s hard to know what is going on at any given time. this morning i thought i should wait it out a bit to be sure before waking up m but then i remembered it was snowing. like really snowing. so i woke her up. we went downstairs and i started timing things. looked to be about 7-9 minutes apart. for about 2 hours. m very kindly attended to me as she picked up the house. one of my big concerns was heading to the hospital only to be turned back. i was waiting for a sign. the sign. that it was time to go. around 5:30 i laid down for a bit. and fell asleep. the contractions stopped for a while. and then started up again but with less intensity. and no regularity. meanwhile the snow continued. by 7 am there was about 7 inches. i decided to sit on the balance ball for a bit. and then took the slowest walk i ever have on the treadmill. while reading a running magazine.  apparently the contractions were pretty much done. but the snow continued. interestingly the contractions stopped while we were watching the news about the storm. and the forecast for the rest of the day. the wigglers perhaps took notice of what was being said and had no interest in heading out into the what is now 16.5 inches of snow. of course this was for the best. getting to the hospital would have been more than difficult. but i can honestly say i was disappointed. i have been trying so hard to get myself mentally prepared. m and hook as well. we are all so very excited to meet the wigglers. but in this case it seems like babies know what the plan should be. and really – they are running the show. well – them and mother nature.


3 Responses to “let it snow”

  1. poppycat 6 SunUTC2010-12-12T02:05:02+00:00UTC12bUTCSun, 12 Dec 2010 02:05:02 +0000 2009 at 2:05 AM #

    Sending my best wishes for a safe and speedy birth. I know how hard the last few days with twins can be! Hang in there.

  2. Defining Family 6 SunUTC2010-12-12T15:56:42+00:00UTC12bUTCSun, 12 Dec 2010 15:56:42 +0000 2009 at 3:56 PM #

    Glad to find out just who is running the snow… We’ve been snowed in and unable to leave since yesterday… The snow plowed the parkway and essentially left a 4 foot high pile. But it hasn’t been a bad weekend to be stuck… Thinking of you and those wigglers constantly. Take care and hope hook has been enjoying all this snow!

  3. Defining Family 6 MonUTC2010-12-13T13:31:44+00:00UTC12bUTCMon, 13 Dec 2010 13:31:44 +0000 2009 at 1:31 PM #

    No updates – no posts? Do we have babies? Excited for you all!

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