36w5d and still incubating

13 Dec

yesterday – nothing. a few contractions and that was it. we stayed inside. and by we i mean m (with the exception of ridiculous shoveling) and hook and i as well as the wigglers. this morning i had a biophysical, a non stress test and an appointment. hook and m came along for the fun.

let’s just say that over the past two weeks i have started retaining water. lots of water. in my legs. not just my ankles but my feet, my calves, even my thighs. i stepped on the scale at the dr knowing this but still. ugh. and then my bp which is typically uber low was elevated. not a huge surprise either since it has been slowly increasing week by week for the past two months. biophysical went well. 10/10 for both magoo and cindy lou. and per usual they both frantically wiggled around on the non stress test monitors. and then it was appointment time. i have gained 8 pounds in a week. 13 pounds in 12 days. all water. dr’s reaction was “well i have good news for you – it’s just water so you will lose it really fast”. um good but what do i do in the meantime with my silly putty legs that don’t bend so well. also concerned about the bp as it is all signs of pre-eclampsia. labs were drawn. and tentative plans were made to induce. thursday or monday if the wigglers still don’t find the escape hatch. cervix is 4cm dilated – 4cm! now would seem like a good time to get things moving. but we will continue to wait. we were walked over to L&D for a shot to strengthen wiggler lungs. repeat shot tomorrow. and a return visit to dr on thursday. i’m tired. i can’t sleep anymore between the PUPPPS rash on my belly and my feet, the swollen legs and the monstrous belly so i am guessing that my weepy self is a joy to be around. luckily m and hook are incredible and i am hoping they don’t hold it against me. at least not for too long. c’mon little wigglers – time to come out and play!


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