Two weeks

31 Dec

Two weeks used to have such a different meaning. It was a space that contained hopes and dreams. The promise of what could be. And so much was riding on it. Two weeks filled with anticipation. And a requisite amount of trepidation.
But this has been a much different two weeks. No waiting. The wigglers are here. And our days are full. Two weeks ago I was laying in recovery after some interesting events transpired during delivery. Two weeks ago m was holding our babies. Two weeks ago our lives changed forever in the most amazing way. I am in awe every day as I look at my babies. I still can’t believe they are here. Or that I grew them from little specks of cells to these incredible small humans. So many days have blurred together recently. The edges are fuzzy from lack of sleep, painkillers, and unadulterated and overwhelming love. But here we are on the flip side of two weeks – definitely a better place to be.

Birth story: I am in the process of remembering (and not forgetting) the adventures that immediately proceeded the wigglers entrance into the world and into our lives. Just need to put it in some semblance of order…


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