flying solo

15 Jan

m went back to work this week. and we survived. I admit I was a bit concerned about how this would pan out. i mean two babies, two people is a much easier equation to solve. but with just me here it’s like a half a person for each baby. and while it doesn’t really translate directly that way it has definitely presented it’s challenges. someone always needs to be fed. or changed. or soothed. and we are only talking babies here – not me. there is virtually no down time unless by some miraculous twist of fate or divine intervention I find them both ready and willing to nap at the same time. it has happened and I have even attempted to yield to the sage advice of also napping during this time. wouldn’t you know though that my head on a pillow or lolling to the side has the power to wake sleeping babies almost without fail. somehow we managed to make it to Friday. i even ventured out with the wigglers three or four times. it takes nearly as long to prep for these ventures as we can possibly be untethered to the boob for. but notwithstanding that fact we have made it out into the snowy coldness. our adventure thus far have included getting birth certificates at the county service center to submit for the second parent adoption (because here in MN you receive no proof of birth unless you are willing to pay for it). and we made our way up to the second floor of hooks school multiple times to retrieve him at the end of the day. all of this is part of my fitness routine even if it was not planned as such. two babies – even small babies – in bucket car seats up stairs and over snow banks is likely to remove any upper arm flab that exists. i’m still trying to figure out how to make it flatten my stomach as well. it’s been a good week. a challenging week. a comical week. everyday I have learned a little more about these small humans who grew inside if me. and though I didn’t know it was possible I have found myself loving them each a little bit more every second of every day. even when they are engaged in a screaming contest. or exploding things out of their diapers. or covering me with spit up. or refusing to sleep at 4am. or maiming my nipples with a death grip latch. they each have these amazing little (or big) personalities that are becoming clearer and more defined each day. i am amazed by the changes i see and afraid it is all happening too fast. even through the sleep derivation i find myself trying to breathe it all in and savor it so as not to miss anything.


2 Responses to “flying solo”

  1. Defining Family 6 SatUTC2011-01-15T09:24:19+00:00UTC01bUTCSat, 15 Jan 2011 09:24:19 +0000 2009 at 9:24 AM #

    Such a wonderful post. Before we we’re pregnant with twins I read twin posts but didn’t really absorb them because they seemed so foreign and impossible. I love hearing that as challenging as it is it’s equally or even more rewarding and wonderful. Your beautiful wigglers re so lucky to have all the support and love! Congratulations on making it week one alone. Quite an accomplishment. A number of months from now… you may find an email in your box asking just how you accomplished it. Amazing job mama!

  2. poppycat 6 SatUTC2011-02-12T02:04:43+00:00UTC02bUTCSat, 12 Feb 2011 02:04:43 +0000 2009 at 2:04 AM #

    Oh, this all sounds so familiar. It does get easier, I promise!

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