postpartum a.d.d.

21 Feb

or why i can’t get a damn thing done around here. i mean besides having two two month old babies i also seem to have lost the ability to follow through on anything. or perhaps it is precisely because i have two two month old babies. i think parenting a newborn has the potential to make you lose your damn mind. and not just because of sleep deprivation – which let’s recall – is used as a form of torture in military combat. but seriously it is virtually impossible to complete a task that isn’t baby related and borne of necessity. every day i usually have one or two things that must get done. and i make it a point to leave the house just about every day. sometimes those things are as simple as bathe and dress babies. other days they are more complex: take out recycling, bring dog to vet, drink half caf americano. i have been sending out baby announcements for weeks now. i have half addressed envelopes lying in a box. there are piles of newborn clothes i need to box up.  in the super limited time when i do not have at least one wiggler attached to me i pretend to be a homemaker. but the only thing i seem to make are messes. i keep rereading this post wondering what i am talking about. and then wandering off physically, mentally, and technologically. maybe we should just keep blaming sleep punctuated with innumerable wakings for now and reassess in a few weeks (wishful thinking).

the only reason this post might actually get published is because i currently have both wigglers splayed out across my body – one in one arm, the other on my legs – and i am typing with one hand on a laptop resting atop a bobby pillow. perhaps this position will quell my…okay so i just checked my email, fed a baby, and browsed on etsy. but now i’ll hit publish!


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