don’t fail me now

23 Feb

i spend far too much time talking about my boobs these days. they take such a prominent place in my world right now – both physically and functionally. a few weeks ago I started taking dom.peridone to increase my supply. and all was going well. the wigglers were down to only one 4oz. bottle a day. they seemed – dare I say – satiated for the most part. and I was doing that (with a little rx assistance but still). but the past few days seem like a return to the days of yore. I have some hungry wigglers on my hands. and try as I might I just can’t keep up. perhaps it’s just a growth spurt. or they have both ingested a really hungry parasite. But whatever it may be I have had to supplement more than I have been and it has been disappointing. and a bit infuriating. i want to be able to have confidence in my body and it’s abilities. i incubated these little humans the least i can do now that they have been expelled from my uterus is feed them. not an unreasonable request. alas it is what it is. I have been diligently drinking my tea, taking my fenugreek, ingesting my rx, and pounding water in the hope that this minor drought will be short lived. Cmon boobs – don’t fail me now!

And last post I forgot to mention that the wigglers had their two month dr appt last week. Magoo weighed in at 10lbs. 8.5oz (20-25th percentile). He is 22 3/4 inches long (50th percentile) and his noggin is 39.2 (25-50th percentile). Cindy Lou kept right on track at 8lbs 10.5oz (3-5th percentile) 21 3/4 inches long (25th percentile) and 37 head circumference (25th percentile). both are doing swimmingly and are pretty darn close to perfect!


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