In real life

10 Mar

so much of my struggles with infertility as well as my pregnancy with the wigglers has been lived here. on the world wide web. occasionally someone comments and i think perhaps there are other people in the same place i am or who can appreciate what i am feeling. perhaps what i say might reach beyond me. i diligently follow along with the triumphs and struggles of others. at times it feels like i know some of the lovely ladies out there in blogland much more than i know my in real life friends. and I have certainly shared more of my fears and my frustrations and my excitement with my written word than i have face to face with those who i would actually know if I ran into them on the street. less pretense more honesty.

in the past few days i have been able to merge the blog world with the in real life world on two separate occasions. sunday i met up with twin mama to be frolm Defining Family. we drank decaf coffee and talked about pregnancy and parenting and life in general. and it was nice to be able to honestly talk to someone. i look forward to the day in just a few months when she is holding her babies in her arms. the next day i packed up the wigglers and headed over to meet Lucky Little 13 and her adorable twin girls. we jumped into conversation with ease as her daughters played around us. in a way it was so strange to be sitting in the living room of someone i knew only through blog posts and yet feel so at ease. i feel fortunate that it is indeed a small world. it was nice to step out from behind the computer screen for once and meet real people living their real lives. i can only hope that these two worlds will continue to overlap.


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