all the cool kids are doing it

6 Jun

or at least most of them… i’ve been enjoying reading the posts from the  June non-challenge started by An Offering of Love and Strawberry so i thought perhaps i would partake as well. somewhat lemming-like perhaps but why the heck not? it seems excessive for me to try to fully do all of the previous posts so i will just add a little something and then see if i can entrench myself to some minor extent after that.

Where it’s at:

i usually blog on my couch. from my laptop. it’s not exciting. i don’t currently have a picture of it but i’m sure your imagination will be close enough – olive green couch, macbook, cream walls, a few large framed photographs m took, my feet resting on the coffee table which currently has our cat camus laying on it.

Fast times at…

i went to two different high schools. public for my freshman and senior year and private for sophomore and junior. yeah weird. i was athletic (played soccer and softball) and had a good core group of friends. we socialized with a lot of upperclassmen. my sister was a senior when i was a freshman and she was not a fan of her friends hanging out with me. i was in honors classes and did pretty well but i was not a fan of authority and did things like wrote in crayon at times. (immature i know but it was amusing at the time). i got into a touch of trouble with my parents (not with the school) early on for over imbibing so i went to private school. there i had a few friends but i tended to stay a bit more to myself. and hung around with the friends i had from public school still.  i had a few boyfriends on and off. one who was relatively serious. my senior year my parents opted to stop paying for private school so i went back to public school. i had maintained some of the friends there so it was a relatively easy transition but the education itself was behind the private school so i was able to start college during the second half of my senior year. most of my time was spent with friends from my multiple jobs who went to other schools. i also had my first girlfriend around this time. i knew her from work so it wasn’t an issue at school. i was so happy when high school was over and i could go off to college.

And the verdict is…

i love to watch B.ig B.rother every summer. so voyeuristic and fantastically crappy. it’s horrible and every time i watch it i wonder what the heck i am doing but i still keep dvr-ing it.

sbux iced caramel macchiatos – something about the espresso shots on top of the milk and the sicky sweetness of it (which is amusing since i usually don’t even put sugar in my coffee)


before m got pregnant with hook i was not entirely convinced i wanted kids. after some thought we decided to give it a go. from the moment we found out m was pregnant i was in love. that growing baby mattered more than anything. i never knew i could love someone i didn’t know so much. and then he was born and my world was entirely flipped upside down. everything that seemed important before for the most part just wasn’t. i love being a parent (most of the time). i feel like i do pretty well at it (again most of the time).and i have no doubt that it is the most important job i will ever have.

i also never thought that i would want to gestate a human. never even thought about two simultaneously! but then hook was born and there was that shift. we wanted him to have a sibling and something inside of me was begging to get pregnant. of course it wasn’t that easy but i would do it all over again to get to where we are now. being pregnant was amazing. i felt stronger than i ever have in my life. i loved the wigglers from the moment i saw them on the first ultrasound. and just like hook i was overwhelmed by that love even before they were born. i was concerned that with three i would have to divide my love but instead it has grown exponentially.

i didn’t know that m and i would actually get closer after having children. we were together for 7 years before we had hook and the 6+ since then have been fantastic. and the past few months especially have been phenomenal. i feel like we are coming together at the right times over the right things and we can see all of our hopes and dreams being realized. together. with my family as it is now i feel more whole than i ever have. it just seems to work.

you say it’s your birthday

i have always been a bit shy so while i enjoy a good party i often feel a little too on stage at my own parties. i am a bit more of a homebody and prefer to be with a few close friends. as i have gotten older i have learned to embrace my birthdays a bit more. m is great at birthdays and usually makes a big deal out of them so that has been fun.

we don’t have any family in about a 1000 mile radius so family parties for hook have been nil but we always celebrated by going to the zoo if it was warm enough (mn in late october you never know) or to the science museum. two years ago we started having kid parties and thus far they have been high energy and pure excitement. not sure how we will celebrate the wigglers birthday which is only 9 days before christmas…

something old, something new

last night i tried rhubarb for the first time in the form of a rhubarb crisp m made. it kinda looks like red celery. but honestly it was delightful.

what else was new and more significant… i started running 4 years ago this spring. i always wanted to be a runner but i just never did it. finally i bit the bullet and ran a 5k – very slowly. three days later i registered for a marathon. rarely am i impulsive but there was such a draw to make that commitment. and less than five months after that 5k i ran my first marathon. running was probably the best “new” thing (aside from ivf) that i have ever done.

and it looks like i am officially caught up on the non-challenge 🙂


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  1. strawberry 6 TueUTC2011-06-07T10:30:20+00:00UTC06bUTCTue, 07 Jun 2011 10:30:20 +0000 2009 at 10:30 AM #

    Glad you’re participating! That was a pretty crazy HS experience you had. And a lovely answer for the Surprise! question. I have yet to try rhubarb.

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