eat this

7 Jun

i am a huge breakfast fan. i would rather eat breakfast type foods all day than anything else. that being said up until recently i didn’t really eat breakfast… i thoroughly enjoy eggs over easy with toast. i missed this desperately while i was pregnant (i refused to eat fried eggs). i also like pancakes – especially from ri.ver run restaurant in plainfield, vt. i am also known to eat cereal for just about any meal. currently my breakfast is usually a half caf latte i make at home. and a yogurt. for lunch i love naan bread with garlic hummus, garden tomatoes, and avocado. a little bit of salt and pepper. perfect. dinner. anything m makes. usually. she is adventurous and quite impressive in the kitchen. also a huge fan of veggie potpie. hot crash potatoes. and the chicken potpie m made right after the wigglers were born (i didn’t eat meat before i was pregnant and now i can’t seem to stop as long as it is organic).  i’m not overly picky honestly. throw something on the grill and give me a vegetable and i am happy.

hook love pancakes. specifically chocolate chip pancakes. but we usually skip those. he is also obsessed with sausage. lunch is soup or a turkey and/or salami sandwich. with mustard. mustard on everything. he also loves carrot sticks. and apple sauce. if given the option dinner would be pizza most days. but seriously the kids eats anything. he loves cheese from all around the world. and seafood – lobster, oysters, clams, you name it. our philosophy with him has always been at least try a bite before you make a decision on whether to eat it and he has taken this to heart and is becoming a little foodie!

the wigglers are just starting on cereal. magoo doesn’t seem to mind if it is rice or oatmeal. cindy lou is more of an oatmeal lover – understandable if you ask me! it will be interesting to see what veggies and fruits they take to when we introduce them over the next several weeks. and at the rate i’m going. months.


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  1. Defining Family 6 WedUTC2011-06-08T06:12:58+00:00UTC06bUTCWed, 08 Jun 2011 06:12:58 +0000 2009 at 6:12 AM #

    Oh how i’ve been missing eggs over easy! Definitely on my list of first things to eat after the twins get here. I also love how adventurous hook is!

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