imparting information to the masses

8 Jun

If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

teaching is not something i was drawn to when i was younger. i was never certain i would be able to deal with students. or hold their attention long enough to impart the necessary lessons that i was charged with teaching. during college i started thinking that perhaps i could teach. and perhaps i even wanted to. but only at the college level. i ended up going to law school and getting a masters in public health instead. during my masters program i was able to work as a grad level teaching assistant for a community health advocacy course and i thoroughly enjoyed it. and once i finished law school i started thinking that maybe i could teach – even at the elementary or high school level. so i looked into it. turns out there are a whole lot of prerequisites i don’t have. and the thought of going back to get another undergrad degree…well, it isn’t happening. so all that was a really long way to say i do not teach. but if i did i would want to teach creative writing (if such a thing can be taught) or human rights/immigration law. both of these are areas where i am interested and have some experience so i wouldn’t be making it up as i went along (at least not all of the time). perhaps the future may still find a place for me in academia…


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