mom always said (updated)…

9 Jun

eat your vegetables. and some other stuff… is it horrible that i can’t think of the most important lesson i learned from her? eek i am feeling not so good about this right now…

okay, perhaps the most important lesson i learned (eventually) was do what you need to do for yourself to be happy. this was not something that was exhibited early on in my life. my parents marriage was not bad but i’m not entirely sure it was good either. i remember my mother being frustrated and unhappy a lot. when i went away to college my mother decided to move out. and then back in. and then out again and to get a divorce. i am not one to advocate divorce but i certainly don’t advocate unhappiness either. it was a hard time for my father and my siblings and myself but ultimately it was best for everyone. and now i see that this was a very important lesson – as hard as it was to experience at the time. not that one should only think of themselves but they should definitely not stay in a situation that makes them miserable either. fortunately my relationship with m is nothing like this but i think it is a good lesson for all areas of life.

***last night i thought about this a lot after i had posted. as almost all mothers and daughters we had our issues while i was in my teens but we are pretty close now and we tend to have really honest conversations. i learned much more from my mother than i probably give her credit for. she may not have been a feminist or politically involved but she taught me right from wrong and she taught me to care about those less fortunate and those in need. she instilled a love of reading in me and a devotion to family. my mom was the one that was always there. when i think about trips we took or field trips or the like it was always her that was there. i should give her more credit. the way that i was raised – both the good and the bad – have made me who i am. and that doesn’t seem to be such a bad thing. ***


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