just like real life

28 Jun

Day 27 – Which movies or tv shows do you think are the most accurate portrayals of parenthood?

parenthood. honestly one of the best shows ever. in my humble opinion. it deals with things head. and most of the situations and reactions are quite plausible.  almost like real people acting like real people.

Day 28 – What size family do you come from, what size family do you want, and why?

i grew up in a family of five (one older sister, one younger brother) with an extensive extended family on my moms side including 13 cousins. my dads side there were no other kids. at least not until i was 24 or so. (big age difference between dad and his youngest sister). mere comes from a family of 7 (2 younger sisters and two younger brothers). i always thought two, maybe three kids. but lately m and i both find ourselves thinking perhaps we would like more. i love being a parent. even when it is hard and exhausting and just getting through the day is tough. and i believe we are crazy kind, compassionate good people. i am very happy with my family the way it is now but sometimes, sometimes it seems like another one. or two. would only make things more fun. so we will see what happens over the next few years.


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