an object in motion…

22 Jul

an advanced locomotion plan. this is apparently what the wigglers have embraced. i suppose i should have anticipated it when i dubbed them the wigglers…

since they were teeny tiny both babies have loved tummy time. not just tolerated it but embraced it. they rolled from front to back. and then back to front relatively early. and then around 5 months i decided to sit them up. and low and behold they remained sitting. of course there was the inherent toppling but for the most part they were relatively stable sitters. magoo took three days to figure out how to sit himself up. and since then its no turning back. he has been crawling for a few weeks. and two days ago he started pulling himself up to a stand. cindy lou has chosen an alternative path. she spends a lot of the time dragging herself around. by her arms. it is fun to see this still relatively small baby girl pulling herself all over the place. and today she decided to give it a go. and she crawled. but then quickly resorted back to the belly army crawl. because lets be honest. it’s way faster.

perhaps i was naive in thinking we wouldn’t have to baby proof the house for a while. but with two of them on the move there is just no telling who will be where when. they spend a decent amount of time awake in their baby corral. with their toys. and a nice mat to play on. but now that magoo is pulling himself up all i see when i return (if i walk away for a minute) is his little face pressed against the gate and his hands holding on tight. and cindy lou wiggles across the mat to sit beside him. they want out. they want to move freely. and touch everything. they don’t stop. these two are definitely going to give me a run for my money!



One Response to “an object in motion…”

  1. bionicbrooklynite 6 FriUTC2011-07-29T07:17:26+00:00UTC07bUTCFri, 29 Jul 2011 07:17:26 +0000 2009 at 7:17 AM #

    i am in deep, deep, DEEP denial about the coming of self-locomotion. ay. our tiny, crap-filled apartment!

    but if it’s as cute over here as it is at your place, i guess we’ll find a way….

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