If it ain’t broke

8 Sep

i can’t run. and according to my doctor the wigglers are at least partially to blame. climbing up and down stairs all day. crawling. squatting. not to mention completely shot core muscles from a twin pregnancy. all this coupled with running 30+ miles a week equates to an injured knee. one could probably say an angry knee. it definitely seems grumpy. and rather unhappy with me at this time. it’s now been 12 days without a “real” run. i was resting (as much as wrangling two crawling standing babbling nearly nine month olds allow). i wore my special knee fixer upper brace. and i did magic leg lifts to strengthen my quads as suggested. and on tuesday i decided to give it a go. hopped on the treadmill (heeding the no hills advice) and started running. it was good. freeing. calming. until about half a mile in. when it was just painful. so I stopped. and felt a bit sorry for myself. the past two days haven’t exactly been stellar. magoo has apparently vetoed consistent night time sleep. last night he was up. 5 times. yup 5. teething? growth spurt? break with sanity? all of the above? the night before wasn’t much better. this makes for a tired mama. and a potentially grumpy one at that. running tends to help this. perhaps not making magoo sleep but providing me with a much needed break. and a chance to get a little lost. and found. in my own head. when i go out to run it is usually the only bit of solace i have. it is my break. from kids. and responsibilities. and everything. a way to manage it all. and break it down. and digest it. in bit sized pieces. so while clearly not a huge deal. this has definitely been a hiccup. on my path. this weekends 20 mile race will apparently start without me at the line. but perhaps with a little more rest. a little PT. and some alternative (not sure what this entails) unwinding. I should make it to memphis in december for my post baby marathon…


One Response to “If it ain’t broke”

  1. lesboparentstobe 6 Fri-05:002011-09-09T05:48:53-05:00-05:0009b-05:00Fri, 09 Sep 2011 05:48:53 -0500 2009 at 5:48 AM #

    Ugh. I’m sorry you’re going through all that. I’m not a runner, but going the gym has often played a HUGE role in my sanity-keeping abilities, and that’s without having twins to chase after all day! I’m a huge fan of PT (I went once for four months to deal with knee issues and it was so helpful) so hopefully you’ll be back on track soon for the marathon.

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