in a bubble

26 Sep

the past nine months i have essentially been living in a bubble. i know little of what is going on around me in the world. and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. hours pass. days pass. then weeks and months. and i can’t ever be sure I am really sure what has been going on. needless to say it feels a bit cloudy in my head. certainly less cloudy than the first three months that were dominated by sleep deprivation and nonstop feedings. but still seems like a slight chance of rain most days. i must admit i have taken to sticking my head in the sand a bit. i don’t really watch the news. or read the paper. or anything that would keep me apprised of current events. my current events are generally only what i see right in front of me. making food for the wigglers for the week. getting hook off to school and swimming. making a dentist appointment. giving the dog ear medicine. and perhaps tackling some cleaning projects. none of this is necessarily a bad thing. but it is interesting. and a definite shift from where i have been at other points in my life. seriously where did the summer go? is it almost october already? are my babies going to be one in less than three months? it has all been bittersweet. watching the wigglers (and hook) grow and change has been amazing. but it is also sad in a way. it’s almost like you want to slow things down a bit. or find a way to better capture the moments. i suppose blogging more would help…


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