everyday things

7 Oct

so i consulted with the wigglers and here are a few things that they (and i) are enjoying. or appreciating. on a regular basis. my reasons are perhaps different than theirs but alas this is our consensus.

tommee tippee explora bibs. honestly these are the best bibs ever. when i first bought them i was like sure whatever. but now that the wigglers are eating finger foods. and routinely shoveling the food down the front of them in a feeble attempt to get it in their mouth these bibs are genius. sure there are other pocket bibs. we have some. and i like them. but these catch nearly everything. they are a soft plastic and the pocket sticks out and stays open to contain the falling debris. magoo loves to eat and is pretty good at getting the food into his mouth. cindy lou on the other handy. picky. picky. picky. she will often put something in her mouth. say a pea. or a piece of avocado. and then let it fall out. lovely. but no longer super messy. and the wigglers seem to love the fact that once i remove the trays from their high chairs they have a bonus little bag of snacks. almost like a feed bag. for babies.

ergo. i had heard of ergo’s only through reading blogs. and i thought a baby carrier is a baby carrier, right? but something about the way people wrote about this one convinced me we should have it. the price tag was admittedly a bit steep. but it has definitely been worth every penny. i was suckered into buying the infant insert as well. didn’t get much use out of it. both babies hated it. but once they hit 12lbs or so this has been my go to. every morning we walk hook to the bus stop. not the easiest task with two babies. but i put magoo in the ergo. and usually carry cindy lou (she is lighter). and we are good to go. i have started using it almost everywhere now. the boy seems comfortable. haven’t tried it on my back yet but i am willing to give it a go. i know some twin moms out there use two ergos – one baby in front and one in back. i’m not sure i’m that brave…or that strong!

leapfrog learn & groove musical table. many of the toys that the wigglers play with in their baby corral used to belong to hook. years ago i was selling off a number of hooks toys and baby equipment and this was in the car. but for some reason i put it back and didn’t sell it. good decision. about two months ago i brought this table out. and wow. the wigglers LOVE it. often they are both standing at it playing. no matter where i am downstairs i can usually hear a song coming from it. and on the annoying noise making toy scale it rates pretty low in my opinion. has an abc mode and a song mode. love watching them play and dance to the tunes.

B.O.B. Revolution Duallie. we were so very fortunate to be gifted this phenomenal stroller. i know many people think seriously why do you need a stroller that is so expensive. because it is awesome. and as a runner i must say this thing is incredible. the seats are big and as far as i can tell comfy. the wigglers just seem to relax when they are in here. the shocks are amazing. it handles better than most cars i have driven. and i can almost guarantee at least one baby will be fast asleep in there. great for the zoo, the park, running, and walks. it is big but not unwieldy.

B. Toys Hugs 🙂 Links. sure this might just look like a bucket of links. and that is what it is. but the wigglers both love them. they snap together. and pull apart. not that this is possible for either of the babies yet but it doesn’t matter. they throw them around. crawl with some in a hand. or in their mouth. put them in the container. and take them out. shake them. hook loves them too. sometimes we even have to ask him to give them back to the babies. well worth the $8.50 (at the bullseye)!


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  1. tbean 6 MonUTC2011-10-10T07:41:10+00:00UTC10bUTCMon, 10 Oct 2011 07:41:10 +0000 2009 at 7:41 AM #

    We were gifted a BOB too and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Worth the hefty price tag.

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